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I Need My 401K Money Now! Can I Cash Out?

I Need My 401K Money Now! Can I Cash Out?

After retirement, many people often prefer to get their retirement savings as soon as possible. Also, almost everyone would be happier if it was subjected to little or even no tax at all. This is where the 401 K money comes in. It is a plan on retirement savings sponsored by one’s employer. This system allows the workers to save and capitalize some of their cash before tax is deducted.


Hundreds of employees do leave their employers in search of greener pastures. Among other things, the 401 k money is one thing that needs attention during this process. If your former employer does not guide you on how to cash it out, you should check with your benefits administrator and choose to cash out your 401k. If you completely do not know how to go about this procedure, then you should consider talking to either human resources at your previous job or consulting with a representative from your 401k administrator. Though you may want to consider a Rollover IRA instead of cashing out your 401k when you switch jobs. Basically, a rollover IRA is just like an account that the 401k money can be transferred to when one is swapping bosses.



At times, one may find themselves having saved quite a good sum of money and they may decide to retire quite early. It is then that one may want to consider any of these ways of getting their 401k earlier.

▪     Qualifying disability

All disabled people who have their savings are entitled to getting an early 401k benefit. To verify your status you will have to provide the disability letter to your 401 k custodian.

▪     Disaster relief

Disasters are often unprecedented but they may be a ticket to getting your 401k savings earlier. If you are afflicted with a disaster then you should be qualified to get your 401k savings early.

▪     A visit from a grim reaper

This may be the last option one may have as no one would choose to get an early 401k due to death, which is not often premeditated. But come to think of it, your family will benefit as they will get to use your retirement funds to cover the burial expenses plus other expenses they are to incur in your absence.



A 401k savings plan is literally meant to give income upon retirement hence it is not a priority to get your money when you are still under employment. But times may arrive when you are desperate for cash leaving you with that as your only option as it may seem a better option than borrowing money. The official planned age for getting your 401k is 59 years. You may face taxes and penalties upon your distribution. And you will also have less cash left in your account when you get older. Something that may be costly at that age.

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